El Raigón, an Argentine steak house, opened in the heart of North Beach at 510 Union Street, between Grant and Stockton.
Specializing in “Estancia” style range raised beef - cooked in house on a charcoal grill- El Raigón  also offers a distinctive menu of traditional dishes influenced by Argentina’s Italian and Spanish roots with an emphasis on locally grown beef, lamb, fish, organic produce, flavorful sauces and fabulous desserts.
Close to Washington Square but far enough off Columbus to be a stand alone destination, El Raigón features exposed brick, rustic wooden beams, black and white toned photographs reflecting Argentine’s countryside and a redwood standup bar where guests can watch chef Eric Hollis at work.
The inspiration for this unique Bay Area venture is a 17,000 acre working ranch, called Estancia El Raigón (which means “The Big Root Ranch” – as in a tree root), in the province of Entre Rios, Argentina owned by Wil Harris, one of El Raigón’s three partners. The highly successful estancia not only sends 1000 steers to market annually, but also hosts sporting visitors who come to fish, hunt and enjoy the local gourmet fare and gracious hospitality that San Francisco’s mini- version will reflect.
With Alberto Lataliste, Argentine Wine Connoisseur, and Argentine born local TV personality and actress Consuelo Lyonnet rounding out the management partnership, El Raigón features an exceptional selection of Argentine wines and a warm and inviting service. Lataliste worked for many years at family owned nightclubs in Buenos Aires, Marbella & Madrid before moving to San Francisco and getting involved in wine imports. Lyonnet, who trained at the exclusive Hotel do Frade & Golf Resort in Brazil and has extensive international PR experience, manages the front of house operations.

510 Union Street - San Francisco, CA - 94133 - (415) 291 0927- e-mail: elraigonsf@msn.com